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CZECH REPUBLIC—Major Mike Stannett, national leader of The Salvation Army in the Czech Republic, was the fourth runner in a four-man team that participated in a 22-km relay in the Prague International Marathon in May 2010. The first three runners each ran a 10-km (6.25 miles) leg while Stannett finished up with a 12-km (7.5 miles) run.

The team finished with a time of four hours and nine minutes.

Salvation Army supporters stood along the route, handing out paper plates to the spectators. Each plate carried the message, “Doesn’t it bother you that people are hungry? Please give [them] something to eat,” along with an image of sausage and bread. Also printed on the plates was information about the Army corps along with how to send a donation via text message.

From the Czech War Cry

Australia—Families in the Australia Southern Territory are literally banging on the doors to be a part of a popular new program that caters to young children from birth to age 5 and their parents and caregivers.

“Mainly Music” is a Christian-based, interactive music program. The 30-minute weekly sessions promote learning through music, rhythm and rhyme. The program also emphasizes interaction and bonding between parents and their children.

During a refreshment time at the end of each session, kids enjoy unstructured play, while the local church community connects with the adults. Parents may also access resource libraries that contain Christian and parenting books, magazines and DVDs.

From Revive, July-Sept. 2010

UNITED KINGDOM—During a musical tour in Nairobi (Kenya East Territory), the Central Southern Area Fellowship Band witnessed the desire of many young Salvationists in the area to play in corps bands who were unable to do so because of a shortage of instruments and music.

All band members agreed to donate 22 of their instruments, music books and music stands with a promise of more to be sent when they returned home.

From SALVATIONIST/uk, June 5, 2010

CANADA—By consolidating all of its services under one roof, The Salvation Army’s Centre of Hope, in London, Ont., effectively tackles citywide needs. The facility—a six-story building—houses a staff of 43, a bed capacity of 267 (with 18 more beds in withdrawal management), a walk-in clinic, a street outreach ministry and emergency services.

In 2009 more than 3,946 people used the building’s services, more than 8,000 families were helped by the center’s food bank and 5,265 Christmas “hampers” were distributed.

“The overlap of services stands us in good stead, Major Lewis, executive director, said. “What one department can’t provide, another can. It’s that simple.”

From Salvationist/ca, July 2010

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