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Salvationists from across the nation will gather in Atlanta, Georgia September 16-19 for the Army’s North American Disaster Training Conference. the conference theme is: “Honoring the Past, Preparing for the future, an Army Ready to Serve!”

“In light of what has transpired during the past year, we must be prepared to face disasters when they occur,” said Community Relations and Development Secretary Major David Hudson. “This training conference is an important opportunity to better equip our emergency disaster responders with the education they need to implement effective response and recovery programs.”

According to Western Territorial Disaster Services Coordinator Tom McSherry, the conference has been designed to meet the educational and spiritual needs of Salvation Army leadership, officers, employed professionals, board members, volunteers, and other faith-based organizations.

Following completion of the training forum, participants will: recognize the significant role that command leaders play in support of the Army’s ministry during a disaster; understand how disasters holistically affect the families of both response personnel and victims, identify principles of emergency planning and intra-and inter-agency response coordination in the context of community, regional, or national disasters; gain new insights into the changing paradigms of Salvation Army disaster services.

Following satisfactory completion, participants will be given a certificate of completion in one of the following courses: Basic Critical Incident Stress Management; Personal Crisis Intervention & Peer Support; Advanced Critical Incident Stress management; Pastoral Crisis Intervention; Incident Command; Food Service management; Shelter Operations; Donations/Warehouse Management; Volunteer Management; Preparing Corps for Disasters; Public Information Officer Training; Media Train-ing; Ham Radio Licensing; and DHQ/THQ Leadership.

Space is still available at the conference. For more information, contact Tom McSherry at 480-804-9542 or see the brochure at the Western Territory’s website: www.salvationarmy.usawest.org

Haydee has a dream

Haydee has a dream


Training Day focus on holistic mission

Training Day focus on holistic mission


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