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Due to the events of recent days and the uncertain security position in Bangladesh, The Salvation Army has deferred its International Poverty Summit: The Salvation Army and the Poor, scheduled to be held November 12-18 in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The conference will proceed, as far as possible, on the Internet and via the Army’s Lotus Notes network.

According to an IHQ news release, General John Gowans “wants to hear what really makes a difference to the poor and hopes that the process of listening and discussion will contribute to his desire to review international strategies.”

Commissioner Paul du Plessis, who was to preside at the conference, said, “We wish this facility could be even more widely available than it will be. It may not be available to the poor, but at least those who do have Internet access could start to listen to the poor themselves. It would be wonderful if they could relay what the poor think and feel about some of the issues being raised in the conference. We want to hear the voices of our global family!”

Among the issues to be discussed are: the experience of poverty and dependency; the world economic situation; upholding spiritual priorities when emerging from poverty; Salvation Army programs and policies.

Analysis of the questionnaires, along with papers that were to be presented at the conference, will be posted on the web site:

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Army assists with anthrax testing


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