Chilean fishermen receive “Salvation Army” boats

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Salvation Army helps victims of earthquake and tidal wave.

Boats painted with Salvation Army colors and featuring the Army shield were presented to several families whose lives were devastated by the 2010 earthquake and tidal wave in Chile. The Salvation Army South America West’s Southern Division, based in the city of Temuco, delivered the boats to the families in need.

Thanks to the combined efforts of The Salvation Army in Chile and the U.S.—with gratitude to Dr. Marcial Lewin and friends from Waco, Texas—and after a long period of continuous travel and contacts with artisans in the town of Caleta Tumbes, The Salvation Army was able to provide six boats with new engines and supplies—nets, buoys, etc.—to the fishermen and their families.

The boats were officially handed over during a ceremony honoring the fishermen. On hand were the mayor, members of parliament, maritime authorities and more than 200 Salvationists from Concepcion and Hualpencillo, the Concepcion Band and timbrels, and fishing families.

The Salvation Army has worked tirelessly and faithfully to help people recovery from this natural disaster that occurred on Feb. 27, 2010.

Chile’s national media covered the news, including CNN Chile, TVN, Chilevision and Megavision, as well as radio stations and local newspapers.


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