Chief of the Staff installs Uganda leader

By Ambrose Walimbwa, Major –

Chief of the Staff Commissioner Brian Peddle and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle, World Secretary for Women’s Ministries, recently installed Commissioner Vinece Chigariro as Territorial Commander and Territorial President of Women’s Ministries of the Uganda Territory.

During the weekend, Rosalie Peddle conducted a women’s rally at Bumbo Corps (church).

More than 200 women attended the rally, which took the theme “Being Set Free,” based on Luke 13:10-17. In her Bible message, based on the theme verse, Commissioner Peddle reminded her listeners that Jesus comes with a mission to heal and set free. She called upon the women present to give their troubles and burdens to Jesus so they can be free and their joy “may be complete.” Her challenge to accept healing and redemption inspired more than 50 women to kneel at the mercy seat in prayer.

During the women’s rally, the Chief of the Staff shared worship with some of the territory’s male officers and soldiers. He called on them to avoid being distracted from doing what God requires and to trust God daily with a personal focus on obedience, belief and surrender.

These meetings were followed by officers council at Buwambingwa Corps.

On Sunday, hundreds of officers, soldiers and friends gathered in the grounds of Bumbo Corps to worship and to witness the installation of Vinece Chigariro as the territory’s leader.  

The phrase “’I will” resounded again and again as the commissioner took up her new role. She committed to uphold the truths of the Bible, to stand by The Salvation Army flag, to use the mercy seat to lead the lost to Christ, to be in charge of women’s ministries, and to teach, lead and direct the Church of Christ.

Rosalie Peddle offered a prayer of dedication to God while Chigariro knelt before God in dedication and as a witness to those gathered.

Loud sounds of appreciation were heard as the new territorial commander was presented to her flock, with some soldiers and friends showing their jubilation through dance. The installation ceremony was followed by a number of speeches in which Ugandan Salvationists welcomed their new territorial commander.

The Chief of the Staff expressed the hope that God would bring a fresh blessing to Uganda through Chigariro. Words of encouragement were also shared by government representatives who were in attendance.

Accepting her new responsibilities, Chigariro told Uganda’s Salvationists and friends, “’I am coming as a servant of our Lord Jesus Christ to work together with you.” In her Bible message she challenged her listeners to abide by their calling and not slide back into old ways of living.  

The next day, before flying back to London, the Peddles visited territorial headquarters in Kampala and toured the martyrs’ shrine at Namugongo, which commemorates the lives of 32 Ugandan men who were killed in 1886 because they would not renounce their Christian faith.

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