Changes in officer appointment procedures announced

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The process of appointing officers is changing. The first change is an appointment board, mandated by IHQ. “An appointment board shall be constituted in each territory to advise the TC [territorial commander] on all appointments of officers and senior non-officer staff.” (April 18, 2002) To represent the needs of the Army and its officers, the membership of this board is to include senior territorial leadership who deal with personnel, program, business and women’s ministries.

The process will facilitate more consultation for officers and locations. The key outcomes are to include fewer moves annually, longer average appointments and planning for leadership needs in larger appointments. The first appointment board meeting in December 2002 set a goal of no more than 25% of officers impacted during 2003 (based on 4-year appointments). There will be work done on team ministry options, specialized appointments/expertise and cultural diversity in leadership.

A key change is the new personnel data base system now under design. All officers have been asked to complete an electronic survey by the November prior to the scheduled June changes. The new data base asks specific questions about children’s needs, special circumstances to be considered, impact of a move on the family, effect on long-term projects in the appointment, health issues, the types of appointments that interest the officer, any new skills gained during the past year, and strong passions, interests and spiritual gifts that the officer would like to explore. It is intended that a similar profile of appointments will be the next step, allowing a quicker and more accurate way of matching individuals and appointments.

The divisional and command leadership meetings continue to be a pivotal component in the process. This group will convene in mid-February to formulate the specifics of the June moves. In this exchange, each command presents their proposals and shares their desires for the appointments and ministries under their responsibility. The work of this group is continued with the appointment board and presented to the TC for final approval.

Although a system of moving people at a designated time to replace other people will inevitably result in some surprises, it is hoped that with this effort the matches for ministry will improve, the success and satisfaction of the officers will improve, and the main purpose of our mission and ministry in communities will increase in focus and in vitality. Continue to keep this process in prayer. People are a key resource in this territory as instruments of God’s saving grace.

Francis to IHQ

Francis to IHQ

Effective April 1, 2003, Colonels William and Marilyn Francis, currently chief

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