Meet the “Boundless 8”

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'It's good to see you'  The Boundless 8 together at The O2 | Photo: David Giles
‘It’s good to see you’
The Boundless 8 together at The O2 | Photo: David Giles

Congress volunteers include 5 Western Territory Salvationists

By Kelly Zvobgo and David Giles –  

Eight international volunteers—including five individuals from the Western Territory—joined the Boundless Congress team at International Headquarters to assist Congress Coordinators Lt. Colonels Eddie and Kathy Hobgood ahead of The Salvation Army’s landmark 150th anniversary celebration and international congress—Boundless.

Meet “Boundless 8”:

JodianneLutcherJodianne Lutcher is from Torrance Corps in the Southern California Division of the USA Western Territory and will work primarily with the volunteers and sponsored delegates at the congress. She is looking forward to working with people from around the world and gaining new insights into the Army on a global level.

MejeeLutcherMejee Lutcher is also from Torrance Corps in the Southern California Division of the USA Western Territory. Most of his responsibilities with the congress team are related to multimedia planning and production, and logistical organization of visiting music groups. He joined the team for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help coordinate such a large-scale event and learn more about the Army world in the process.

CarmenMagdalenoCarmen Magdaleno is from the Golden State Division of the USA Western Territory, where she served as youth program specialist. In the congress office, Carmen will be assisting with exhibitions and suites. She applied to be part of the team because it combines a lot of her passions: the work and ministry of The Salvation Army, event planning and travel.

AlexaMorrisAlexa Morris is from Portland Tabernacle Corps in the Cascade Division of the USA Western Territory. Alexa graduated in May with a bachelor of arts in rhetoric and media studies. In the congress office, Alexa will be assisting with media relations to give delegates a better understanding of what they will experience in London in July 2015.

KellyZvobgoKelly Zvobgo is from Pasadena Tabernacle Corps in the Southern California Division of the USA Western Territory. She graduated in May 2014 with a bachelor of arts in international relations and French literature, and will be assisting with the Mind the Gap sponsorship appeal to bring supported delegates to the congress, translation and interpretation services, and communications. She said she joined the congress team to give back to the church that has given her so much. Having lived in Zimbabwe, the USA, France and now the UK, Kelly most looks forward to celebrating the internationalism and multiculturalism of the Army, and the Lord’s goodness and faithfulness to all nations.

SuzanneBarinkSuzanne Barink is from Amsterdam West Corps in the Northern Division of the Netherlands and Czech Republic Territory. For Suzanne, moving to London to join the Congress team is really exciting—a new city, a new job, a new flat and new people. The first time she was in London, she fell in love with the city. So when she heard about the amazing opportunity to assist with preparations for the International Congress, she had no second thoughts and applied. Suzanne thinks it will be great to be a part of the team that organizes an event that connects and touches people.

JeremiahHinsonJeremiahHinsonJeremiah Hinson is from Clearwater Corps in the Florida Division of the USA Southern Territory and graduated in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and religious studies. To prepare for the congress, Jeremiah will assist with the Boundless – The Whole World Praying initiative, historical exhibits, social media, performance group logistics, and promotions for the Boundless Film Festival. He eagerly anticipates growing and maturing spiritually, professionally and personally through this experience.


Cameron Millar is from Napier Corps in the Midland Division of the New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga Territory. Cameron will be helping with the Boundless delegate registration system and providing support and information to delegates. He will also support exhibitions and suites. He believes that the congress will encourage Salvationists from around the world to “continue the good fight” and give a glimpse of the Kingdom of God here on earth.

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