Bells report from southern hemisphere

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Officers Councils in Fiji

Currently leading the New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga Territory, Western officers Commissioners Don and Debi Bell recently shared news and photos with their home territory.

Responding to the worldwide recession, The Salvation Army in New Zealand has seen a 40 percent increase in requests for assistance through its community ministry programs, reports Commissioner Don Bell, who added, “but we are rejoicing that our annual Red Shield Street appeal has seen a 12 percent increase in giving. While people are concerned about their own financial support they are digging deep and giving to others.”

The New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga Territory is growing—welcoming the largest session of cadets since 1986. Bell said: “ Our mission goals to grow dynamic disciples, increase the number of soldiers, to work toward the eradication of poverty and to become a streamlined, mission-focused Army have been totally embraced by the soldiers of New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga.”

The Bells have requested prayer for the deteriorating situation in Fiji, where a military regime continues to rule despite a court ruling that the regime was illegal. The political situation exacerbates the economic downturn. Please pray for a peaceful resolution.

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