Bangladesh gears up for flood response

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The Associated Press is already reporting “hundreds of deaths” and the BBC estimates that nearly three million people have been marooned by severe flooding in Bangladesh, yet some people in the country fear worse is yet to come. Lt. Colonel Ethne Flintoff, leader of The Salvation Army in Bangladesh, notes that the potential exists for even more misery in the region, as the Ganges River has not yet reached flood stage. With heavy rain still falling in the river’s catchment area, an already bad situation could become even worse as further floodwaters flow west and into Bangladesh.

Anticipating the likelihood of a humanitarian crisis throughout the country, The Salvation Army in Bangladesh is gearing up to conduct relief work. The region is prone to seasonal flooding but some people already estimate that the current flooding is the worst in a decade. Add to this the potential of more water rushing in from the east and there are all the ingredients for a major catastrophe.

Flintoff asks that people around the world pray for those already affected by the flooding and for The Salvation Army in Bangladesh as it prepares to bring help to families who will undoubtedly need assistance.

The Salvation Army has been working in Bangladesh for more than 30 years, commencing its program as a relief operation following a major cyclone in 1970. Fifty-six officers oversee more than 40 churches, schools, medical facilities and children’s homes.
—IHQ News Release

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