Christin Thieme

Different plates of healthy food

Frugal flavor

Leanne Brown New cookbook invites you to eat well on a budget. With just $4 a day, you can eat well and enjoy it. That was Leanne Brown’s goal in writ... Read More
The Way In Program

Behind the lights

Its glitz and glamour are known the world over. Home to the entertainment industry, studios and stations dot the map below the iconic, white, 45-foot-tall Ho... Read More

Education is life

The violence against Malala Yousafzi wasn’t an isolated incident. Around the world, people—girls, in particular—fight to earn an education. The world recently c... Read More
coffee farmer

Brewing Hope

Vu Pham Hoang, 28, grew up on a coffee farm in Pleiku. Located in central Vietnam, Pleiku was strategically important during the Vietnam War as the main cent... Read More

The equality paradox

A sleek campus in a suburban area outside of Chicago once served as the center of operations for an oil company, but now houses The Salvation Army’s Central Ter... Read More