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Again, this summer, 30 members and leaders of our 1996 Service Corps Program will go forth to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and provide active expressions of ministry in many lands around the globe.

The teams will serve in Alaska, Costa Rica, Volgograd (Russia), Atlanta, Ga.; and the Pacific Islands. Their ministries will include leading vacation Bible schools, open air ministry, children’s home programs, youth camps and worship services.

The prayer support of the territory will help them as they travel to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to people of diverse cultures.

The Alaska team, led by Cadet Ann Begonia (CFOT), includes Aimee Souders, (Grandview Wash.), Judi Mao (S.F. Asian/American,) Jewela Campos (Leeward, HI,) Sandra Dodds (Renton,Wash) and Agnes Antonio (Lihue, HI).

Serving in Costa Rica, led by David Saunders (Sun Cities, Ariz.) will be Angelica Garcia-Wood (Ogden, Utah), Emma Garcia (Bakersfield Temple, Calif.), Martha Martinez (Santa Ana Temple), Victor Powell (Berkeley, Calif.) and Karen Lee (S.F. Asian/American).

Volgograd, Russia, is the destination of Lt. Shevaun Malone (CFOT) and her team, Julie McDougald (Pasadena Tab), Kathy Boswell (Fort Collins, Colo.), Amber Wheeler (Kelso Wash.), Suzie Huynh (S.F. Asian/American), and Shyla Heiselman (Pasadena Tab).

Lt. Fred Preston (Phoenix South Mountain) will lead the team assisting at the Olympics in Atlanta: Jennifer Henson (Sun Cities, Ariz.), Gale Van Nortwick (Bellingham, Wash.), Karyn Pittock (Pasadena Tab), Moises Hernandez, Jr. (Phoenix Central) and Ken Diep (S.F. Asian/American).

The Pacific Islands team, led by Danielle Donnelly (Leeward, HI) includes Melissa Seid and Eliza Gee (S.F. Asian/American), Jose Costales III (Hanapepe, HI), Raybecca Heiselman (Pasadena Tab), and Monika Slomcyzkowski (Puyallup Valley, Wash.),

May God bless these teams as they go to diverse places and face new and unusual challenges as they serve the Lord.

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