Army work in Korea chronicled

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Commissioner Peter Chang introduces the Korea Territory to the Army world.

As The Salvation Army’s Korea Territory stands poised in readiness to celebrate100 years of commitment to God and service to humanity, Commissioner Peter Chang, a Territorial Commander in both that territory and the USA West prior to retirement, felt a strong desire to introduce the Salvation Army’s century of service in Korea to the entire Army world. He accomplished this with, a 250 page book revealing his personal thoughts and feelings concerning some of the great heroes and heroines, the tragedies and triumphs of a century of Salvation in his native land.

Former General Paul Rader’s review of the book for New Frontier appears on page six with additional stories about the Army in Korea today. Rader and his wife, Commissioner Kay Rader, served in Korea for the first 22 years of their officership.

“This telling of the Army’s story in Korea is a personal one,” Rader writes. “The author weaves his own story into the broader narrative giving one a feel of immersion in the events recorded.”

In a personal interview with New Frontier, Chang made it clear that the book is more than a straight forward history. It reflects his strong desire to help Salvationists around the world gain clear knowledge and understanding concerning the Army in Korea. “People seem to love Korean Salvationists but know so little about us,” Chang stated.

“The Army has made a significant contribution to the spread of the Christian gospel throughout Korea,” Chang said, “and even today, Rev. David Cho, pastor of the largest church on the Korean Peninsula, speaks fondly of his early influence by the Army. Regularly, he states his continuing commitment to the pattern of Christian service taught by William Booth,” Chang said

The Chang family has provided four generations of officers beginning with Peter’s grandfather, Senior Major Chung Kyung Chang, his father Colonel Oon Yong Chang, Commissioner Peter Chang, and Peter’s nephew, Major Man-Hee Chang, currently serving as the Commander of the Adult Rehabilitation Centers here in the West.

The book was published by The Salvation Army Korea Territory and is available for purchase through The USA Eastern Territory Trade Department as well as the Resource Connection serving both The Central and Western Territories.

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Army work in Korea chronicled

Army work in Korea chronicled

Commissioner Peter Chang introduces the Korea Territory to the Army world

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