Army opens work in Poland

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Colonel Vibeke Krommenhoek is joined by American-Polish Salvationist Peter Reusher and Polish supporters of the Army’s work.

Heeding God’s call to “go into all the world” (Mark 16:15), The Salvation Army is moving forward with plans to open fire in Poland.

After receiving the General’s official approval to start the work there, Colonel Vibeke Krommenhoek, territorial president of women’s ministries in France, took her first trip to Warsaw. Krommenhoek reports that the Army’s goal, over the next two years, is “to build roots in the Polish culture, based on the Army values, carried out by Polish Salvationists and financed by Polish resources.”

A local officer is coordinating plans and an international team will visit Poland regularly to share their expertise. So far, 30 people have signed up for a training course, running from March through July, with special focus on the Army’s mission and how it can be effectively carried out in Poland. While local personnel are needed, Krommenhoek adds that “there are Polish comrades, who for years have been hoping and praying that we can start the work.”

The time seems ripe for the Army to make this move. Krommenhoek asked a Polish professor (a former member of Parliament who holds a law degree), “Why should The Salvation Army come to Poland?” He replied, “We have plenty of evangelical and charismatic churches here, but not a single one with a social conscience.

Poland needs a church that serves the poor and will be an example to the other churches.” When asked if he thought the people were ready to carry out the Army’s mission, he answered, “Surely, the spiritual climate in Poland is so evident, that I believe many will be ready and willing to serve in your ranks.”

The Army has been offered an apartment, suitable for officer’s quarters, free of charge—all that’s needed is the officer to assume the responsibility.

Until then, states Krommenhoek, “we press on, developing a system that will work.” She plans to visit Warsaw frequently; in between these visits a local group will coordinate fellowship, Bible study, training and prayer on a weekly basis. Please pray that these local people—Andre, Renata, Wisja and Peter—can keep the motivation high and the fire burning with desire to build an Army of dedicated Salvationists that will soon be ready to save souls, make saints and serve suffering humanity.


HUD presents $9.7 million to Nevada—The Salvation Army receives $1,096,452

HUD presents $9.7 million to Nevada—The Salvation Army receives $1,096,452

by Charles Desiderio, Development Director-Clark County Command – 

Meet the Cadets

Meet the Cadets

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