Army in Poland given new status

Project Warsaw transitions into a region.

Starting in July, the Germany and Lithuania Territory will be responsible for the Army’s mission in Poland, as announced at the third annual Warsaw conference in April.

In 2005, The Salvation Army in Poland began as a church, Project Warsaw, rather than a social service provider as Army ministry began in other former communist countries. Instead of linking Poland to an established territory—providing strategy, staff, and finances—Project Warsaw was attached directly to the Europe Department of International Headquarters in London, and a team coordinated its development.

Project Warsaw aimed to build a strong local Army that educated people on Salvation Army distinctives, allowing Poland to develop a thorough foundation for the future.

The future has arrived. Now, The Salvation Army mission in Poland will continue to develop with a new team of capable and motivated officers. The different areas of responsibility originally assigned to members of the international team have now been taken over by locally based people. Major James Garrington will be the regional leader.

The international team to establish the Army in Poland included USA Western Territory officer Major Kelly Pontsler, currently serving as Western Bible Conference secretary. Within the project, she was responsible for the administration and the finances. According to team leader Colonel Vibeke Krommenhoek, Pontsler’s expertise and dedication contributed greatly to the effectiveness of the team.

Much of the accomplishment is also due to the work of Captains Andrei and Olga Iniutocichin, who took the appointment of local leaders in Warsaw as newly commissioned officers. They efficiently implemented the team’s strategy in Poland and facilitated much of the area’s development.

Continue to pray for the Army and the people of Warsaw during this transition.

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