Army assists relief workers in Sao Paulo plane crash

Salvationists on site, inside police cordon, after disaster.

Salvation Army personnel assist emergency workers in Sao Paulo.

The Salvation Army has been providing support to rescue workers looking for survivors in the wreckage of the A320 Airbus that crashed while landing at Congonhas Airport in São Paulo, Brazil. The plane could not stop because of slippery conditions, went off the runway, across a busy motorway and crashed into a building, bursting into flames. a number of people in the building.
Commissioner Peder Refstie, Brazil territorial commander, reports: “The airport is only about 10 minutes’ drive from the territorial headquarters building and we could see the smoke and some of the activity from our windows. A group of Salvationists led by the Divisional Commander Major Marcio Mendes, and the administrator of Salvashopping, Major Dirceu Lemos, contacted the civil defense authorities to offer assistance. They were able to get into the immediate area of the disaster, where they stayed for several hours during the night, serving water and other refreshment to the rescue workers. Another team has taken over and is continuing to support the rescue workers.”
He adds, “The confidence that both the authorities and ordinary people have in The Salvation Army has been demonstrated in that the Army is the only organization that has been allowed inside the police cordon.”
The Salvation Army has also offered to accompany and support families of the victims. It is reported that 190 people lost their lives in the accident.
—From an International News Release

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