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Joining Up

Phoenix Adherents Enrolled

Major Barry Lucas, Phoenix ARC administrator, recently presented 10 new adherents to Major Harry Lacey, Phoenix Citadel corps officer, for enrollment.

The Phoenix Corps and the ARC are working hand in hand in the recovery community. Not only do the ARC beneficiaries attend meetings on Sunday, but on Tuesday evening as well. Called the “Faith Walk,” the Tuesday meeting reaches people in recovery in the greater Phoenix downtown area. Lt. Colonel Mervyn Morelock (R) serves as the Phoenix ARC chaplain.

Canoga Park Makes Soldiers

Commissioners David and Doreen Edwards recently enrolled four new senior soldiers at the Canoga Park ARC Corps. The total of new soldiers in the first two years of the corps ministry is 16. Two are parents of a graduate of the ARC, who have 19 years of recovery.

The corps has become a safe place for families in recovery and people in challenging times. It is a life center, a place where people can come and know that their deepest needs will be addressed in the light of the Gospel; where they can find answers that really work and fellowship that sustains them.

Corps members take to heart the Bible’s command to “make disciples of all nations.” Therefore, for most of its first two years, the corps has supported an ambitious recovery ministry effort. As is written on the very fabric of the corps vision statement, they endeavor to produce passionate followers of Christ.

Expanding Cultural Awareness

Expanding Cultural Awareness

Commissioning by Geir Engøy –  Y2K is coming!

Burrows Promotes Youth Congress Reunion

Burrows Promotes Youth Congress Reunion

General Eva Burrows (R) was recently welcomed by the International Millennial

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