ARC Finds “Spirituality in Recovery”

By Major Joan Angel –

The aroma of barbecued sirloin steaks wafted through the patio of Herberger Center in Phoenix, where Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) chef Kenn Scheline and his crew were preparing a sumptuous dinner for the staff, beneficiaries, alumni and their families of the Phoenix and Tucson ARCs and the Phoenix SARC (S.A. Recovery Center). Major Kenneth Angel, ARC administrator, and Major John Webb, SARC administrator, collaborated to initiate this retreat. “Spirituality in Recovery” was the weekend’s theme.

Panelists George Staub, Mike Speakman, Mike McGowan and Liz Stephenson staffed the Saturday morning workshops, with Major Robert Johnson serving as facilitator. Lieutenant Rob Covert arranged the afternoon recreation, which consisted of softball, volleyball, table games, and TV armchair participation in the Arizona State University vs. UCLA football game.

The evening praise service was led by Major Warren Dabis and the “Faith Walk Worship Band,” composed of Major Dabis, Erik Dabis, and Blaine Johnson.

Sunday morning service was the weekend’s finale, with Major George Baker (R) as guest speaker. His message, entitled “A Spiritual Recovery,” was from Mark 2:1-2. From the Scripture, he drew a poignant mind picture of how we can be used of God to help each other in our spiritual walk.

Bill Nunes led a united robed choir which filled the open-air auditorium with spiritual songs, setting the spirit of the meeting. Two recovering gentlemen, George and Donald, along with one lady, Kathy, surveyed a congregation of 250 as they gave their personal testimonies of how Jesus Christ has given them spiritual recovery.

The fourth testimony came from a mother, Eula Asher, whose two sons entered the Phoenix ARC program. One son, David, is an assistant store manager for the ARC, and Kevin is in his fourth month of the program. Eula encouraged the parents not to give up on their children. “Have faith in God, because with him all things are possible. Continue to pray and believe the Lord answers prayer. Support The Salvation Army for all the wonderful things they are doing to help our loved ones live a better life.”

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