Anaheim ARC Marches To Harvest Crusade

By Dawn Marks – 

They came from near and far; many different people with one common purpose–to hear the Word of God proclaimed in word and song.

Among the 22,000 people who attended the four nights of the Harvest Crusade recently at Anaheim Stadium were 140 beneficiaries from the Anaheim Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC). Led by Captain Michael Roland, ARC trainee, each night the group walked from the center to the nearby stadium and back again for the event.

Popular evangelists featured at the crusade included Chuck Smith and Greg Laurie, and contemporary Christian artists who performed uplifting and inspirational music.

At the close of the first night’s crusade, 20 men from the ARC made first-time decisions to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior, joining thousands of other new believers on the stadium field for the “altar call.”

“I received a great gift from the Harvest Crusade,” said ARC beneficiary Samuel Castro. “I was able to have fellowship with my family again as we stood on the baseball field and I accepted Jesus Christ back into my life. Not only did the Harvest allow me to ask God to forgive me of my sins, it also reaffirmed my third step. I understand my God today as Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior.”

On the same night, 57 other ARC participants made a public recommitment to Christ. Over the four-day Crusade, more than 100 men from the Anaheim ARC made new or renewed commitments to follow Christ.

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