Americas and Caribbean zonal leaders meet

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By Erica Helton, Major –
Chief of the Staff Commissioner Brian Peddle and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle, World Secretary for Women’s Ministries, were guest leaders at the Americas and Caribbean Zonal Conference in Montego Bay, Jamaica, in late March. The conference was attended by zonal leaders Commissioners Merle and Dawn Heatwole from International Headquarters and leaders from the zone’s 11 territories and USA National Headquarters.
In his keynote speech the Chief of the Staff commended the kingdom work being accomplished in individual territories while encouraging leaders to consider the overall mission of the international Salvation Army. He set the conference goal of finding new opportunities and casting wider visions, so The Salvation Army might be fit for purpose and continue to be confirmed, convinced and excited about where it is going.
Rosalie Peddle led devotions each morning, calling delegates to experience God’s rest, to renew their strength and reclaim the joy that comes from following a faithful God.
Leaders from across the Americas and Caribbean engaged in a challenging agenda throughout the week, which resulted in a number of recommendations that will strengthen the zone and enhance the well-positioned partnership that can benefit each territory.
The conference concluded with a time of worship on Sunday morning, during which the Chief of the Staff recognized the 50 years of officer-service of Commissioner Barbara Jeffrey, USA National President of Women’s Ministries, presenting her with a five-star pin and commending her faithfulness in following God’s call on her life.
In his closing message, Peddle cautioned leaders not to get caught up in the “dazzle and shine,” but to connect deeply with their Savior. He concluded with the reminder that The Salvation Army has been called by God to be a place where people can connect with Jesus.

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