“All the World’s” new look

Army publication revises “jargon” and increases pages.

cover of All the WorldFor the first time in 10 years, All the World—The Salvation Army’s longest-running international magazine—has redesigned its format.

As unveiled in the October-December 2010 issue, the magazine will contain more pages (24 compared to the usual 20), will be written in “non-Salvationist” language (to appeal to those outside the Army arena) and will include new feature stories.

Kevin Sims has been editor of All the World since 1999.

“The Salvation Army needs to be seen as a modern day movement and its publications have a part to play,” he said. “The new look wouldn’t be out of place alongside secular publications with large design budgets.”

The October-December issue will focus on various challenges faced by Salvationists around the world, The Salvation Army in Liberia and emergency relief work in Pakistan and Chile.

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All the World celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2009.

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