Africa Conference for Officers gathers in Nairobi

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Month-long intensive promotes leadership development for African officers

Today in Nairobi, Kenya, Salvation Army officers from all across Africa are gathered to learn, grow, network and pray—a triennial assembly of the Africa Zone.

For the next 30 days, the 31 delegates will learn from each other and the faculty of international leaders. The entire program is available in English, French, Swahili and Portuguese, including both spiritual and leadership workshops. Holiness, Theology in the African context, Servant Leadership, Change Management, Women in Leadership, Christian Ethics and Social Justice Issues are a few of the major materials presented.

The Africa Conference for Officers (AFCO) is focused on building African leaders in the diverse African cultures. Some of the best learning is in the fellowship outside of the classroom. Fellow officers who face the same challenges and opportunities share their experiences and tell the story of their ministry, creating life-long friendships and memories. Through prayer, they become co-workers in the gospel despite living in different parts of Africa.

This year, the 12th AFCO concludes with a covenant renewal ceremony on June 30, presided over by the General-elect, Commissioner Brian Peddle, international Chief of the Staff. Certificates are also awarded to the delegates for their contribution and participation.

World Secretary for Women’s Ministries Commissioner Rosalie Peddle will provide insights on Women in Leadership as well as providing an international perspective on women’s ministry.

The International Secretary for Africa, Commissioner Benjamin Mnyampi, and Zonal Secretary for Women’s Ministries, Commissioner Grace Mnyampi, will also be in Nairobi for the last days of the conference, contributing instruction and encouragement to the delegates. They are inspired by the passion and commitment of the delegates and encourage the African people and the entire Salvation Army family to pray for all AFCO participants.

Commissioner Benjamin Mnyampi speaks about the Africa Conference for Officers.

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