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A life worth dying for

One man’s testimony in spoken word

Jesse Posner in soldier uniform holding gun

My life in Christ, I hope this story will suffice,

So I’ll start from the beginning, in a life that was deep in sinning.

I always had a desire to live a life much higher,

But I looked for this fulfilment in all the wrong places,

Trying to find my life’s perfect homeostasis.

Thinking I would satisfy the deep cry that came from my core

To live a life worth dying for.

But I bought the lie at a very young age,

that sex and drugs would free me from my cage.

Oh, how I was wrong, ‘cause you cannot live a good life staring at the bottom of a bong.

Emptiness, blackouts, cheating, lying,

All it did was give me front row seats at watching my mother crying.

Time to move to the next chapter, because this decision is just a disaster.

I hear the voice more and more,

It calls from deep within my core, yearning, to live a life worth dying for.

Time to play soldier, U.S. Army bound.

Blood, guts, sex and glory, this sounds like my kind of story.

Now it’s time for war, maybe this will fulfil my call within my core.

But to keep this rhyme PG-13, let’s just say I painted their town red with my M16.

And now it won’t go away, the memory of a friend I held as he died and went away.

It was not as I expected, my life of drugs and alcohol were just resurrected.

This is not it, another wrong choice,

I hear the voice more and more,

It calls from deep within my core, yearning, to live a life worth dying for.

I was about to give up on this disaster I call life.

I was at a new low, about to lose my wife.

What can I do? If I keep on this path, I am pretty much doomed.

That’s when it struck me, I need to be new,

And the only one that can do that is Jesus, who already paid my penaltythat was past due.

Let’s fast-forward a bit, I don’t want to keep you long.

Now I am a new creation, with Jesus Christ doing all the mediation.

Reconciled with God, justified in his sight.

Right now my future looks really bright.

I get to preach, teach, share Jesus with everyone on the streets.

I have the privilege to be all things; just like Paul, in order to help the lost hear their call.

No longer am I defined by humanity’s fall, because with Jesus, I am much more.

This is the life to live, one worth dying for.

“Christ is my savior,” I must proclaim.

I’m very sorry, but you will not keep this tame.

You see, the Gospel runs deep within my veins,

And with a shout, you hear me claim, that I’m unashamed!

So I hope you understand, I won’t keep quiet

I am putting Satan on a supernatural diet.

My life in Christ is one that will excite.

And just like William Booth, I will fight,

For the sick, for the poor, for the widow in front of the corps,

Evermore, evermore, I will continue to live this life worth dying for.

I’ll proclaim him in my community, of his goodness and serenity.

I’ll preach about his forgiveness and power, how this is the hour

To make a choice, to answer his voice.

Because I must let you know, that this God healed my addiction.

No drugs, alcohol, sorrow or shame; God took the affliction.

Or don’t you know that Yahweh, the everlasting God, never grows faint or weary.

There are no limits, and this fact gets me all teary.

I am not alone, or forgotten, nor do I have to remember my life that was so rotten

God gave me a new life, the life I was searching for, the one that screamed from in my core,

This is the life worth dying for.

And no human standard, government or slander

Can slow the will of heaven’s almighty commander.

This is the day, Romans 1:1-6, is what I claim, unashamed.

And even if this world wants me maimed, I’ll stand tall, like Esther,

But the cool thing is, I get to do it all in polyester.

Because of Christ, because of his love, my life in him, is one worth dying for.

This last statement may come off as cliché, but the bottom line is

To live is Christ, and to die is gain.

Lt. Jesse Posner with wife and kids

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Jesse Posner, Lt.

Lt. Jesse Posner is Corps Officer in Auburn, California.

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