69: A simple approach to a meaningful Advent with Tsh Oxenreider

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To live simply is to live holistically in your life’s purpose—and set aside all the rest.

That’s what Tsh Oxenreider will tell you after more than a decade of writing about the art of simple. Tsh is the bestselling author of several books and just released “Shadow & Light: A Journey into Advent” that guides us with simplicity in contemplating the presence of God before feasting in it.

She writes: “Advent is our invitation to rest in the already–not yet anticipation of the God incarnate, who will one day right all the wrongs of the world. And yet he already came, 2,000 years ago as a helpless baby. Already, not yet. We live in the middle, where we’re invited to wait with hope.”

Tsh says Advent is an inward posture—it’s a gift, not a burden. She’s on the show to share more about her new guide and how you can meaningfully observe Advent in the days ahead.

Show highlights include:

  • Advice for simplifying and savoring the holidays: Doing too much, even with good intentions can cause burnout. Advent is the best way to simplify and savor holidays  
  • What is Advent: Historic tradition that kicks off the ancient churches liturgical calendar, more than just a countdown to Christmas 
  • What is inside Tsh’s guide and why she decided to write it: Wanted something that needed little prep work, could adapt to changes in a family’s plan
  • Reason for naming book “Shadow & Light”: Reminded we still live in “shadowlands” but remember that there is light around us 
  • Importance of Advent: Advent is a gift and not a burden
  • How to celebrate Advent at home with young kids
  • Why this year is a great year to celebrate Advent: Probably will be spending more time at home; great time to simplify and bring in new tradition 
  • How to get started today with the celebration of Advent: Start wherever you are and go at your own pace

Good words from Tsh Oxenreider in this show:

“Simplicity is the idea of living holistically with your life’s purpose. That means all the little moving parts of your life are pointed in the same direction.”

“Advent has a lot to do with recognizing where we sit and it’s this already–not yet messy, middle of life where we are waiting for Jesus both to right the wrongs and make all things new.”

“While things might feel bereft of hope or really hard—it’s not untrue, and yet there is hope.”

“Advent is meant for us to provide some scaffolding around time. We are all walking through time, whether we like it or not, and when we are given this scaffolding to structure our time a little bit, it becomes an invitation to slow down.”

“What kids are going to remember looking back on the holidays is not so much the specificities of ‘what we did when I was 7 years old on December 12’ they’re going to remember how your home felt.”

“Practicing Advent at home is a great invitation to bring the holidays into your home.” 

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