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5 ways to heal from insecurity

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You know that insecure feeling when you’re just not sure if you have what it takes? It is like someone has drained all your confidence out of you. You know the one—it is as if you can feel your heart throwing questions at you about who you are and what you’re really capable of.

We all have these areas where we feel especially insecure and what I have learned over the last few years is that even in the areas where we feel the most unsure of ourselves, we can find healing. We don’t have to stay insecure, but we can cultivate confidence instead.

I’ve put together five ways that have helped me heal from insecurity and where I continue to heal still. Jump in with me? Let’s go.

Face my pain

The best thing I’ve ever done for myself is to learn how to sit with my pain. We all have gone through painful things, and insecurity so often grows out of those painful places. By sitting with it and feeling it, you can let go of the pain and you’ll watch insecurity lift.

Process my life

We are a culture of people who are not so amazing at processing our lives because it is so easy to distract ourselves. But when we forget to process our lives, it is easy for lies to get in the middle and take up space in our hearts. So, process your life. It is necessary.

Create new experiences

Wherever you feel insecure, go out and try to create a new experience because it will shift your insecurity. For example, if you feel insecure about your ability to meet new people, put yourself in a situation where you’ll be challenged to meet new people and cultivate a new experience.

Surround myself with powerful people.

We’ve heard it a million times, the people we surround ourselves with affects how we see us, how we see people and how we see the world. Fill yourself with powerful people who see the greatness in you and won’t allow you to stay where you are.

Practice play

Play is a beautiful way to heal from insecurity. Because play is not about perfection or performance, but it is simply about creativity and joy. Do something fun, just for the fun of doing it, without any fear of the results and see how that impacts the areas where you feel insecure.

You don’t have to stay insecure. Choose to see those places of your life as an invitation to be in process, to be loved and to create new beliefs.

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