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5 ways to give back this fall

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Fall is more than a time to enjoy the colorful leaves and pumpkin-flavored treats — it’s also a perfect time to give back to others in the community — whether that be by volunteering, donating or just brightening someone’s day.

Here are some creative ways to help others this season:

Get crafty

Tap into your creative side, channeling the autumn season, by making fall-themed wreaths and decór — complete with leaves, pumpkins and more — for a local nursing home. This will brighten up the environment for its residents and make it festive and more enjoyable.

Help nursing home staff put the decorations up, and while doing so, interact with the residents. Listen to their stories and interests, so they know they are not alone.

This will be a rewarding and joyful experience for both you and the residents.

With winter months approaching, it’s important to make sure everyone has access to items that shield them from the cold.

Consider donating blankets, jackets, long-sleeve shirts, pants, socks and other winter clothing to Salvation Army programs and Family Stores to ensure that everyone has a way to keep warm.

Lend a helping hand

While fallen autumn leaves are beautiful, they can also be difficult to maintain. Offer to rake these leaves for neighbors, family members or friends who are sick or going through a hard time.

Taking care of a simple chore like this, may make a world of difference for someone who needs time to heal, grieve or overcome obstacles life throws in their way.

After helping, ask if they need help with anything else, like running errands, other household chores, or even just being there to listen and pray with them.

Take part in Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and many women, men and children will take part in walks and runs across the country to spread awareness and funds to combat the disease.

Find a local event like this to take part in, or find a “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” event near you to participate in on the American Cancer Society’s website. Be a part of the movement to find a cure.

Contribute to food banks

The holidays are approaching, and many people facing poverty may not have anywhere to go for a meal, turning to local food banks or Salvation Army programs for help.

Collect canned and other non-perishable foods to give to these community agencies to ensure that no one spends the holiday season without something to eat.

These are just a few ways to help others this season, but there are many more ways to do so. Brainstorm ways you think you could be helpful in your community, and take the initiative to cultivate change. Use your strengths and interests to do good, not only this fall, but every day.

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