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23: How theater arts offer outreach and impact with Captain Mark Davey

Auditions, set prep, rehearsals, tech week, curtain call…show time.

You’ll find that rundown at The Salvation Army in Casa Grande, Arizona, where the corps—the church—there hosts a monthly community production. Everything from “Godspell,” to “A Christmas Carol” or “Sleepy Hollow.”

And in each role he has played, Captain Mark Davey said he goes in knowing his character has a story and a message to tell.

As the Corps officer, or pastor, with his wife Lisa of the Casa Grande Corps, Captain Mark has introduced theater arts to the congregation and community as part of The Salvation Army’s ministry here.

And each monthly production has given The Salvation Army an opportunity to invite the community in—as participants and audience members to enjoy a production and learn more about what the organization is doing in this Arizona town. 

As Captain Mark says, when you see a show here, you help make a difference too. 

He’s on the podcast today to share more about the effort, how it has unfolded with a big impact locally and what’s on the playbill for the months ahead.

Theater Ministry with Captain Mark Davey Do Gooders Podcast Episode 23

Show highlights include:

  • What is Mark’s favorite character to play on stage? Jesus in “Godspell.”
  • Does Mark enjoy the limelight? No! But he has always loved literature.
  • Not like other pastors: Unusual and unfamiliar for pastor to not preach a character’s story and message.
  • Positive response to theater arts as an alternative form of expression and extension to Mark’s ministry.
  • Feel like an outcast? Theater arts gives kids a safe place to express themselves and grow their skills.
  • What it takes: Pick a show, find directors, hold auditions, select cast members, schedule practice and tech meeting, hold rehearsals, advertise, get sponsors, sell tickets and put on a show.
  • Upcoming Plays and Concerts: “Sleepy Hollow,” “Monster Mash,” “The Nutcracker,” “The Odd Couple,” and more.
  • Mark’s top theatre arts tip: Practice, practice, practice!

"The theater ministry is what gives us the outreach to the community." Captain Mark Davey

Good words from Captain Mark Davey in this show:

“When there was a chance for me to share a story, in any way, shape, or form, that it really had a way of connecting with people.” 

“When you can draw people’s interest by telling stories and by making them laugh, it kind of takes away the whole edge of, ‘Oh no, here comes a sermon.’”

“Preaching is one thing, but singing and dancing in front of people, is a whole different atmosphere of nerves.”

“The theater ministry is what gives us the outreach to the community…people love the Army, but they don’t know what we do.”

Additional resources:

Download this episode wherever you get your podcasts. Find show notes for this episode and more at Connect with Captain Mark Davey via the Red Shield Theater


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