12th Africa Conference for Officers featured teaching from the General-elect

By Lt. Colonel Bishow Samhika –

Delegates to the 12th Africa Conference for Officers (AFCO)—which takes place every three years to focus on building African leaders across the varied African cultures—welcomed General-elect Commissioner Brian Peddle (Chief of the Staff) and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle (World Secretary for Women’s Ministries) recently in Nairobi, Kenya.

Alongside intensive education, the 31 delegates shared fellowship with fellow officers who face similar challenges and opportunities. The Peddles taught on Leadership and Management of Change and Women in Leadership, respectively.

In one presentation, the Chief of the Staff highlighted that “the only thing constant in life is change.”

He added that, when in pursuit of change, it is important to have a clear destination in mind, pointing out the need to engage in fair process through consultation with stakeholders, and that there should be full engagement in the journey through hearing and valuing every voice.

Rosalie Peddle emphasized the need to take seriously the issue of equal opportunity in considering any leadership positions.

She said that leadership development should always be made available equally for both male and female officers and argued strongly for the need to develop women officers’ capabilities and commitment to mission so they can reach their full potential.

Brian Peddle responded to a question-and-answer session on topics including ministry challenges, The Salvation Army’s internationalism, and the need to enhance the movement’s mission and work.  

The second day of the visit featured a ceremony that offered delegates an opportunity to renew their officer’s covenants. The International Secretary for Africa, Commissioner Benjamin Mnyampi, shared his covenant and the Chief of the Staff encouraged delegates to consider their own covenants, emphasizing the importance of a sense of mission.

A candle-lighting ceremony followed the closing challenge to go and be light in their respective countries.

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