The Salvation Army serves Tennessee community affected by water outages

Officials have warned all customers of the East Sevier County Utility District that their water may be contaminated, until further notice.

The Salvation Army is going door to door to drop off cases of bottled water in East Sevier County, Tennessee, where officials have warned residents that their water may be contaminated.

Officials revealed that a number of pipes have broken in the last week, contributing to water outages. Because of this, they’ve asked all customers of the East Sevier County Utility District to boil their water prior to drinking or using it in food preparation until further notice.

The District—which includes the English Mountain area—services 258 customers, charging a minimum rate of $97.25 per month.

“We received word this morning that English Mountain is out of water,” said Major David Worthy, newly installed Knoxville Area Commander. “So, some concerned citizens called The Salvation Army to see if we could provide water.”

Worthy rallied an Emergency Disaster Services team in nearby Knoxville to head up to English Mountain to supply residents currently under the boil advisory with some much-needed bottled water.

The English Mountain Spring, ironically, releases more than 2 million gallons of water each day, and is the source for several bottled water distributors. But until the water in the spring has been treated, it is likewise unsafe to drink.

Officials hope that a newly installed well in East Sevier County will be fully operational by Friday.

The Salvation Army, meanwhile, will continue its service to the English Mountain community for as long as needed.

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