Stockton ARC Baler Hits 1 Million Mark

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GOOD GOING!–Craig has baled 1 million pounds of recycled textiles.

“You no doubt have heard the old story about the butcher who said they used all of the pig except the squeal,” says Stockton ARC Administrator Major David C. Patrick. “The Adult Rehabil-itation Center does much the same with donated materials. Even some donated items considered ‘salvage or disposable’ have every bit of possible usefulness extracted.”

One of those working to “extract” usefulness is Craig, who was assigned as the “baler” shortly after coming to the Stockton ARC in November 1996. As of April this year, he has baled one million pounds of recycled textiles for the center. “He has done an outstanding job,” says Patrick.

Craig’s hard work is an example of many who have benefited from the services of the ARCs in the United States, and have been able to find meaningful work therapy assignments while attending classes and counseling, putting their lives back together.

An accomplished musician, he has been singing with a men’s group at the ARC chapel and other programs. He and members of the group have performed songs they have written.

He is nearing graduation time from the program and will be moving on to employment that is already arranged. “We wish Craig all the best in his new venture,” Patrick says. “The tools learned at The Salvation Army will provide a stronger foundation for life and the future.”

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