Something Good is Trying to Happen to You

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by Steven C. Hohn –

The newest Salvation Army inspirational tool is a book entitled Something Good is Trying to Happen to You, by Major John Cheydleur, Eastern territorial social services secretary.

Thomas Nelson, who produced The Salvation Army’s Personal Faith New Testament, is publishing the book, which is a dynamic, seeker–sensitive Christian resource designed to help young people, older people and disaster victims, as well as those who are first discovering the power of the gospel.

“Something Good…[will help] each individual navigate the storms of life, and come through them with a calm dependence on the goodness of God,” said Cheydleur.

The book is divided into three parts. The first chapters introduce a good God who has each person’s best interest at heart.

“An ‘incident,’” the book reads, “is a minor event for which you do not perceive any particular meaning…. A ‘God-cident’ is an unexpected intervention from God. It is meant for your good.” Readers are encouraged to look for “God-cidents” in their own lives.

The second part of the book describes how to cooperate with God for good things to happen, not only by avoiding the negative talk that hinders belief in a good future, but also by examining the reader’s personality and preparing it to receive God’s blessings. “God is always sending you the good,” Cheydleur writes. “Your ability to receive the good increases the more each layer of your personality is turned over to God.”

The book’s concluding chapters teach how to plan a balanced life that honors God and benefits oneself and others.

The book is a “crossover” or “bridge” product designed to be a valuable resource in corps, social services and emergency disaster settings. The type size will be larger than usual to accommodate readers with reduced vision. The projected retail price is $6.95. The Supplies and Purchasing Department (Trade) will sell individual copies at a substantial discount. By special arrangement with Thomas Nelson, Salvation Army units will be able to pre-order copies of Something Good… for $1.00 each, plus shipping, in cartons of 48.

Anticipated delivery is June 1–Sept. 1, 2009. To order individual copies, telephone the Supplies and Purchasing Department at (888) 488–4882. For prepublication quantity ordering information, telephone Daisy Sanchez at the Eastern Territory’s Social Services Department, (845) 620–7391, or e–mail

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