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The Future of Tradition


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Fall 2017
Volume 23 No. 03
A publication of The Salvation Army

In this issue

The future of tradition | By Vern Jewett, Lt. Colonel

Reframing how we talk about service
The social services sector aims to transform how the public sees it, and garner the support it needs to grow.  

Grow from good | By Kristin Marguerite Doidge
Dillion Toscano connects with nature, finds healing.

‘Healthy Army’ ignites strength | By Christin Thieme
Initiative teaches the foundation of health, wellness and self-confidence

I was a refugee | By Teresa Della Monica, Captain

Love made me an inventor | By Kenda Creasy Dean
Why churches should be talking more about social entrepreneurship

Sharing change | By Caitlin Johnston
Video provides vehicle for The Salvation Army to show how God changes lives.

Sing together | By Hillary Jackson
How the act of coming together to sing meets some of our basic belongingness needs that foster community.

Off the streets | By Jenny Lower
The Salvation Army has a new initiative in Athens, the Green Light Project, aimed at getting women in the red-light district out.  

The God of life and love | By Philip Davisson, Major
Understanding the bigger picture of the theology which can make a difference in all of our relationships.

In a digital world | By Art Bamford
Navigating online media with teenagers

Ending abuse | By Laura Poff
Engaging men’s voices in the fight against domestic violence