Seattle White Center, ARC Celebrate

The Seattle White Center Corps and Seattle ARC met together recently for a weekend of celebration, with the theme, “His banner over me is love.”

Events included a special time of praise, worship, and testimonies at the ARC, with a devotional thought shared by Major Pam Strickland. Northwest Divisional Commanders, Majors Ron and Pam Strickland were special guests.

A breakfast at the ARC was followed by a time of seven different Bible study classes led by White Center Corps members and ARC employees.

ARC Captains Sam Southard and Hendrick Aalders joined White Center Corps Officer Captain Maynard Sargent in cooking the barbecue dinner. Later, the White Center corps was packed by worshippers during a time of praise and music. Captain Maynard Sargent gave the devotion.

Sunday morning, Southard brought the message at the White Center Corps.

All had a wonderful time and agreed God’s blessings were powerful and evident.

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