San Diego clients win big at recovery games

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Some 30 residents from the San Diego ARC walked off with a record number of medals and trophies at the Just for Today in Y2K Recovery Games held recently.

The winning streak began with the volleyball event, with the ARC team undefeated in competition with 25 other teams. This triumph earned a first place trophy and a gold medal. A total of 40 gold, silver and bronze medals were won by the ARC participants who were invited by the City of San Diego Park & Recreation Department for a “celebration of fun and recovery.”

“We all felt a sense of accomplishment and a heightened sense of self-worth,” said Jerry Martinez, a jubilant ARC winner. Jerry set another record, taking five gold medals, two silvers and a bronze. The Coronado native honed his competitive swimming and diving skills in high school. Several others at the ARC who have similar backgrounds and experience were happy to be back in sports, having fun in sobriety.

“These annual games provide a wonderful opportunity for our residents to succeed,” said Dr. Edward Lataille, San Diego ARC Rehabilitation Director. Natural athletic abilities which have lain dormant during the years of addiction are flourishing again. It fits with the program’s holistic approach to recovery–the development of a healthy body, mind and spirit.

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