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We’ve consolidated The Salvation Army Western Territory’s content to one source: Caring! Here’s an overview of the “hub” of territorial websites: 

  • The Salvation Army Western Territory online ( Think of this as a brochure for the West, full of factual information from locations and contacts or how to donate.
  • The Salvation Army Western Territory intranet ( “The Landing” is our internal bulletin board where you can go as a Salvation Army officer or employee to get information and resources you need to fulfill the mission of The Salvation Army.
  • The Salvation Army Caring Magazine ( This sits between the territory’s website and the intranet as a magazine from The Salvation Army for people who care about making an impact for good. Here we’ll inspire and compel you to act as a better-informed, compassionate member of your community. Together, we’ll strive to do good, build a safer world for all and give others a lasting display of the love behind our beliefs. 

From these sources, a collection of must-see information specifically for an internal audience will be printed in the New Frontier Chronicle and curated in a weekly email newsletter. The New Frontier Chronicle archives are also searchable here.

So take a look around—you’ll find stories featuring the impact of The Salvation Army and inspiration for how to get involved right where you are. 

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