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By Marlene Gerber – 

The Naval School of Health Sciences recently graduated 28 Navy and Marine Corps men and women from the Navy Drug and Alcohol Counselor School (NDACS), many of whom gained their on-site experience at The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) in San Diego.

Commencement speaker Dr. Edward Lataille, director of rehabilitation, commended NDACS for its structured, powerful and effective program. “This class is an inspiration–they are truly committed to reaching out to help others. They will affect the course of many lives with their skill and understanding, and I welcome them to this healing profession,” he told the audience.

The program provides valuable hands-on experience for the students, who work with the Center’s staff developing the special skills required for successful alcohol and drug therapy treatment. The interns had an intensive schedule: conducting individual and group therapy sessions and intake interviews with new beneficiaries, doing psychological testing and teaching social living skills.

“The Navy appreciates the cooperation of the civilian substance abuse treatment community, especially the San Diego ARC,” said Dr. Tony Del Nuovo, coordinator, “in their preparation of professional, effective alcohol counselor trainees who will serve worldwide fleet needs.”

The Navy’s counselor training program reflects its commitment to dealing with the vexing health and social problems of addictions afflicting the military as well as the civilian population.

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