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Clearly and resolutely–though not without humor–Commissioner Linda Bond set forth the administration’s goals for the Western Territory. Those goals, firmly anchored in the West’s four-point territorial Vision statement and dependent on a God who is “immeasurably more” (Eph. 3:20), call Salvationists to act on mission priorities.

“You cannot ever realize your vision without fulfilling your mission,” she said, noting that General John Gowans stated the Army’s mission in terms of “saving souls, growing saints, and serving suffering humanity.”

She admitted that The Salvation Army’s mission is “immeasurably more than we can manage. We need resources–more than we possess–and I’m not talking about money, but people. We need saved, holy committed people.”

Bond also identified the need for spiritual vitality; an encompassing, unconditional love; passion that expresses itself in a sense of urgency and a burning desire to save the lost; and holy daring.

The key to accomplishing the mission, however, lies in a God who is able to do immeasurably more …according to the power within us. That includes: the power of the resurrection, the power of love, the power of Spirit-filledness, and the power for victory.

“I have confidence in God,” Bond said. “He truly raised us up to preach holiness and be the voice of the voiceless…In the 21st century, The Salvation Army needs a warrior mentality.”

At the evening’s conclusion, the commissioner called the “mission team leaders”–the cabinet, ARC, SFOT, and divisional leaders–to the altar for prayer. As Lt. Colonel Sharon Robertson prayed, representatives from all areas of Salvation Army ministry voluntarily joined them in prayer and support.

West welcomes territorial leaders

West welcomes territorial leaders


Bridgebuilders get to work

Bridgebuilders get to work

Thirty-one new cadets marched smartly past the Army flags lining the center

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