Majors Martinez enter retirement

After 41 years and 3 months of service each, Majors Luis and Maria Martinez recently retired from active officership in The Salvation Army.

Luis Martinez and Maria Hernandez began their Army career in Cuba. During their training there, they married in May 1961. After being commissioned in February 1962 with the Soldiers of Christ Session, they spent seven years working in various corps in Cuba. Their children Luis, Jr. and Maritza were born during this time.

Captain Luis had to complete 45 days of compulsory work in Cuba due to a law against Christians at that time
In 1969 they moved to the U.S., where Elizabeth and Carlos were born. Los Angeles welcomed them, and they served there from 1969-1981. They then moved to Phoenix, Ariz., staying there from 1981-1994. While there, Luis served as Hispanic ministries coordinator. The next five years saw brief stays in San Francisco (1994-1996), Denver (1996-1998), and back to Phoenix (1998-1999). While in San Francisco at the then Northern California DHQ, Major Luis served as divisional secretary for Hispanic ministries and then as divisional secretary for program.

They retired from their appointment as corps officers in Chandler, Ariz. Major Luis also served as Spanish ministries coordinator in the Southwest Division from 1999 until retirement.

During their retirement service, led by Colonel Bruce Harvey, Luis and Maria received a proclamation from the Mayor of the City of Chandler, declaring May 25, 2003 as Majors Luis and Maria Martinez Day in recognition of their service to the community.

During their years with the Army, the Martinezes have been faithful soldiers of Christ and worthy representatives of the Latino population. In retirement, they will continue to fight the good fight for Christ, as well as enjoying time with their four children and eight grandchildren.

Their retirement address is 22546 W. Haley Dr., Maricopa, AZ 85239.).


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