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Letters to the editor

A poster?
Bob Docter’s On the Corner (Commissioning 2001) was a great encouragement. An inspiration from God! I would like to see it made into a poster for every Salvation Army building. At least it can be written on our hearts.

Dorothy Brown

Keep it up
Keep up the good news! We are always waiting in anticipation for each copy when it arrives. It is shared by many within our corps. We have around 200-250 at our Sunday Holiness meeting and upwards of 300 on Sunday nights. The corps is located in the heart of Australia’s tourist playground where the motto is “Beautiful one day, perfect the next.

Graeme Rowe
Ashmore, Queensland

I wanted to give a word of appreciation for your latest On the Corner (June 29,2001). As a member of the Cross-Cultural Ministries Department, this issue is very close to our hearts. I particularly appreciated two sentences in your second to last paragraph: “It means being fully one’s self while fully understanding and respecting differences in others. It means helping those stuck in a prior separate worldview grow into an integrated orientation…”

Absolutely beautiful–if possible. What I find in general is that few actually change so radically as we would hope. More often, we simply indoctrinate you young people and wait for the older people with prior and different world views to lose their power base and/or die off.

I’m curious to hear your suggestions for concrete methods to ‘help those stuck in prior separate worldviews.’ Your views might help inform our decisions regarding this topic.

Thanks for the column; this one is vital to the growing and maturing of Salvationists in our territory.

Cory Peacock
Cross Cultural Ministries

Holbrooks give memorable service in two wars

Holbrooks give memorable service in two wars

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Frontlines — News Briefs of the West

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