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Memory lane
Just finished reading the January 8 issue of New Frontier. As always it was most interesting, but I was especially appreciative of Robert Docter’s “On the Corner.” It took me back to 1943, when I as a young Marine, stood on that very corner, in front of that same drug store and watched the people stroll by. Unfortunately, there was no Salvation Army band on the corner at that time.

Docter’s article did remind me that I did get a chance to witness during that same time frame. On one liberty I went down to Long Beach and attended Percy Crawford’s radio program. The auditorium was filled to capacity. I don’t remember how it happened, but I was selected to give my testimony on the program, which I did.

You wouldn’t believe the number of letters I received via my parents from folks back East who had heard me.

Charles H. Carpenter
Via e-mail

“Stretching” God’s word?
Although I have been duly censored for my writing on this [Sally-net] forum (watch out, big brother is watching), I am compelled to give some info that I passed on to an enquiring mind…I have people fairly new to the Army or on the fringe of the Army who read everything they can get about us. Then we, the Army’s official mouthpiece, put things out for public consumption that seem to be the voice on anything but the prophets of old or even the Lord Jesus Christ….Yes, expand our thinking, but do it in a non-public forum. On the field, new Christians are often confused by our “stance” on issues in comparison to what God’s Word says. In other words, New Frontier, is God’s Word being upheld or “stretched” by what you published? Not one jot.

Ron Gilden, Captain
Via Sally-net

Healing prayers
In November, Rich Payton, a fifth generation Salvationist, was rushed to the emergency room in Phoenix, Ariz., with severe flu symptoms. Within hours, he was diagnosed with a poisonous strain of Group A strep, known to many as “flesh-eating” bacteria. Mortality rates can be as high as 80 percent. Rich, 37, was near death for many days. He underwent nine surgeries in 14 days and was in a drug-induced coma for two weeks. Doctors said it would take a miracle for Rich to survive.

Within hours of his first surgery, Salvationists from around the U.S., including the Western Territory, as well as in Canada and Europe, went into action with prayer groups, prayer services and prayer requests via the Internet. On Christmas Eve, Rich came home to his wife and three young children. Doctors said they had never had a patient as sick as Rich survive and his recovery was, indeed, a miracle. Thank you for your prayers.

The Payton family
Phoenix, Ariz.

Sincere appreciation
We always look forward to the arrival of New Frontier and its many interesting articles as well as the ‘Army’ news.

In particular, Helen and I value the wit and wisdom and spiritual depth in the column by our good friend Bob Docter. We appreciate, too, Terry Camsey’s contributions, with their added UK flavor, while for us an added bonus recently has been “Yuillogistically Speaking!” We have good memories of Chick when he was a cadet at the ITC and I was the education officer.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation of the excellent quality of content and presentation of New Frontier. Our prayer is that God will continue to bless you and your significant ministry.

Cyril Boyden
Lt. Colonel (R)

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