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by Captain Robert L. Rudd – 

I begin by sharing the following Arnold Toynbee insight from my quote file: “Though 16 civilizations have perished already to our knowledge and nine others may be now at the point of death, we…the 26th…are not compelled to submit the riddle of fate to the blind arbitration of statistics. The Divine spark of creative power is still alive within us, and if we have the grace to kindle the flame, then the stars in their courses cannot defeat our efforts to attain the goal of human endeavor.”

While traveling recently, I have been encouraged and blessed as I observe and learn about the results of the “Divine spark of creative power” that is evident in the lives of many Salvationists throughout our territory. Women and men, sold out to Jesus and working sacrificially to reflect his unconditional love to the hurting and hopeless people in their communities, are making a profound difference. It is my hope that by sharing the following reports, you will look for and find new ways to strengthen and expand your own service…


The Salvation Army in Las Vegas, Nev., has announced the creation of a website for their musical group, “Sounds, LTD.” Or-ganized by John and Bonnie Evans, it features all original songs written by them. Though the members have changed periodically since 1981, the focus remains to praise and glorify God through the ministry of music. Music is also therapeutic for them, as many are former and current clients of various Army rehabilitation programs.

Composing their own music was their solution to the ever-increasing problem of copyright protection and authorized use of music worldwide. They also have two CDs for sale on the site. The address is

This is a non-profit effort, with all proceeds used to defray costs of equipment, costumes for appearances, etc. If anyone wishes to use any of this music and wants sheet music or anything, simply E-mail a request for permission. Drop by and take a look!


Our very best wishes to these retired officers who have recently celebrated more than 90 years with us: Brigadier Edythe Baggs–93 on January 2; Brigadier Felix Querubin–93 on January 11; Brigadier Josef Korbel–92 on January 17; Brigadier Robert Crombie–90 on January 24; Sr. Major Georgina Panter–94 on February 3.


Lt. Colonels Olin and Dianne Hogan report the honor of enrolling three new soldiers at the Albuquerque Citadel, New Mex., (Captain Julie Beauchamp, c.o.) recently. “What a joy to see this Army of ours grow!”


Lt. Jorge Garnica, c.o. in San Pedro, Calif., has been working with the Lions Club of San Pedro, Wilmington, Harbor City and Lomita and the Los Angeles Parks and Recreation Dept. to put on the First Annual Soap Box Derby.

This event will benefit The Salvation Army’s local Social Ministries/Food Pantry Program. The event is set for October 6-8, with the actual race being on the 7th. There will be carnival rides; Lion’s Club Mobile Screening Unit, Antique Car and Motorcycle Show, and a food fair, with Lion’s Club and The Salvation Army paraphernalia posted all over. This sounds like a real success in the making!




An “obituary” for the Army

An “obituary” for the Army

by Major Linda Markiewicz – I knew I had just gotten older on the day I

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