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by Major Doug O’Brien –

Shouts of joy, high tech fix. Friends meeting friends. Contemporary worship, stuff for kids, “Army barmy” tradition–even that good old country music–the Great Western Victory Congress will have all of that and more. But none of the shouting, the high-tech effects, the camaraderie or the music would mean much without the underlying good news that Christ has overcome the world.

That good news is the theme of a new musical of awesome proportions prepared by Major Joy Webb at the invitation of Commissioner Peter H. Chang for the Victory Congress. The title she has chosen describes the great work of God in Christ with the classic Latin phrase, CHRISTUS VICTOR. “The central idea of Christus Victor,” wrote Gustaf Aulen, “is the view of God and the Kingdom of God as fighting against evil powers ravaging in mankind. In this drama Christ has the key role, and the title Christus Victor says the decisive word about his role.”

Imagine God’s great love–shaping the universe out of the flotsam he drew from the void, establishing order out of chaos, and breathing life into the man he had formed in his own image.

Then all Hell broke loose.

Webb and the members of the College for Officer Training cadets and staff, led by Majors Terry and Linda Griffin, will present Christ’s epoch world-battle with evil in panoramic display–from creation to calvary, from resurrection triumph to the desperate battles of Western Salvationists deployed to rein in their defeated foe.

In steadfast succession and in an unbroken chain of faith, those who have trusted God have fought valiantly for the cause of righteousness. But the fight today requires reinforcements freshly engaged in the battle. So the musical’s driving anthems press home the call for someone to Carry the Cross for Jesus today.

This is a Victory Congress and CHRISTUS VICTOR will not slip silently into the night. Evil will perish, God’s Army is victorious, now and evermore.

Expect a celebration of present and final victory at the 7:00 p.m., Saturday, June 6, 1997, presentation of CHRISTUS VICTOR, at the Long Beach Convention Center Terrace Theater.

Alaska’s Booth Assists Teens, Families

Alaska’s Booth Assists Teens, Families

The Booth Memorial Youth and Family Services Center in Anchorage, Alaska, is all

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