Boyds close out active careers

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Majors David and Pat Boyd now enter honored retirement after almost 82 combined years as officers.

David was born in Toronto, Ont., in 1935, and his family moved to California because of his asthma. When his sister went to work as bookkeeper for The Salvation Army in Glendale, they both became involved with the corps. After graduation he played a very active part in the youth activities of the Glendale and Pasadena Corps.

Pat Phillips is a third generation Salvationist. When her parents were re-accepted as officers they served at the Boys’ Home in Kaimuki. After graduating from Chico, Calif., High School in 1955, she entered the Training College as a member of the Swordbearer Session, meeting David on Commissioning night. After their marriage David entered the Pioneers Session while Pat worked at THQ in San Francisco. Their first appointment as Probationary Lieutenants was, sadly, to close the corps at Taft, Calif. Son James joined them there.

Many corps assignments followed, with Julie Anne joining them in Santa Rosa, Calif., and Jeremy in Missoula, Mont. In 1974 they trained for the Men’s Social Service Department. They served at the Center in Anchorage, Alaska, where Jason was born. Other ARCs were Bakersfield, San Bernardino, Denver, San Francisco, Anaheim, San Jose and finally Oakland. They have been mom and dad to hundreds of men and women.

Jim and Pat have added two children “in-love,” Jim’s wife Cathi and Stefan Matthews, husband of Julie Anne. They have seven wonderful grandchildren.

The Boyds will make their retirement home at 26284 Mariners Way, Menifee Lakes, CA 92584-8054.


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