Army helps at Amish school tragedy

Local Salvation Army teams serve families affected by recent shootings.

The Salvation Army provided emotional and spiritual support at a schoolhouse Monday in Lancaster County, Penn. following a tragic shooting that killed three young girls and critically injured seven more. Since the shooting, two more children died from their wounds, bringing the total deaths to six. The lone gunman also took his own life in this tragedy.

A dozen children were held hostage prior to the deadly shooting at a one room Amish schoolhouse situated just outside Nickel Mines, a community located about 55 miles west of Philadelphia.

Quickly responding to the need for physical and emotional comfort at the site of the shooting, the Eastern Pennsylvania Delaware Emergency Disaster director dispatched local Lancaster Salvation Army disaster teams and a canteen to the schoolhouse. The teams served food and beverages to individuals at the site until late Monday evening, and personnel trained in emotional and spiritual care provided counseling to police, emergency workers, and families traumatized by the incident.

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