Army continues aid to Pakistan

Long-term recovery planned in aftermath of devastating earthquakes.


Young villagers from the mountains in Pakistan.

Racing against winter weather, The Salvation Army continues to deliver supplies to Pakistan, along with setting out long-term recovery plans for the country’s earthquake survivors.

The Army has arranged final deliveries of building materials for winterized emergency shelters and other relief aid before winter closes in, when the earthquake-ravaged villages in the mountains near Balakot, Pakistan will become inaccessible. Meanwhile, the Army is making plans for ongoing community recovery programs once the weather breaks.

Since the earthquake struck in August, The Salvation Army has distributed well over 1,300 tents and recently provided materials to build over 300 temporary winterized shelters to affected families. The country’s military has helped deliver these supplies to families living in some of the most remote villages.

In addition, the Army has distributed hundreds of blankets and kitchen sets, schoolbooks and educational supplies for children as well as 200 sewing machines and other miscellaneous relief materials.

Many who died in the disaster were the main breadwinners for their families; now, women without the necessary skills to earn enough money to support their households head these families. While rebuilding houses and roads is fairly straightforward, it will take a deliberate and longer-term process to enable families to regain their independence and a renewed sense of dignity. The Salvation Army is committed to helping survivors pick up the pieces and regain their ability to be self-sufficient.

Working closely with the impacted communities, the Army’s plans include rebuilding local schools and opening community centers, which will become the focal points for The Salvation Army in Pakistan to expand some of its successful income-generation schemes. By helping families meet their own needs, the Army is working to restore hope to people who have experienced terrible suffering.

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—Story and photo from an International Headquarters news release

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