ARC Truck Calls Centralized


By Carolina Bernardini –

Seeking to improve customer service while reducing costs, Major Dan Starrett, Adult Rehabilitation Centers (ARC) commander, has instituted a centralized phone center located at command headquarters in Torrance to receive donation calls.

By calling 1-800-95-TRUCK from anywhere in the Western Territory, donors will be connected to a phone bank of highly trained, professional telephone operators who will process donation calls for the 26 Adult Rehabilitation Centers across the West.

“It’s anticipated that this action will provide better quality of service to donors and better control of donation pickups. We anticipate this action will save in excess of $1 million in advanced costs,” said Starrett.

The computer software, in the forefront of technology, was developed by Bill Purdie, Atlanta-based consultant to The Salvation Army.

The first to go “on-line” was the Long Beach ARC. Second is Santa Monica, with the rest of the Western ARCs to follow within the next six months. Once established, the ARC Command phone bank could be available to other branches of the Army, such as for disaster relief.

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