ARC Cadets Testify to Rebirth in Christ Jesus


NEW LIVES–(l-r) Cadets Michael Paugh, Stephen Sutter, Howard Bennett,
and Andrew Griffith.

Stories from cadets who are graduates of Salvation Army
Adult Rehabilitation Center programs

Cadet Michael Paugh
(Anaheim ARC )

My father was an alcoholic and when I was 17 years old, my mother went to be with the Lord. Feeling angry and abandoned, I turned to drugs and alcohol. Fifteen years later, a Christian therapist told me about the love of Jesus. On that day, my life changed. I entered the Anaheim Adult Rehabilitation Center, graduated from the six-month program, and became a soldier at the Anaheim, Calif., Corps.

Two years later, God called me to full time ministry in the Army.

Cadet Stephen Sutter
(Denver ARC)

A feeling of hopelessness in my life resulted in depression and intense alcohol abuse. When it seemed things couldn’t get any worse, God led me to the Denver Adult Rehabilitation Center. I destroyed my life, but Christ came to rebuild it for me. He gave me a new life and his love is available to all who confess him as Lord of their lives.

Cadet Howard Bennett
(San Diego ARC)

God changed me from a hopeless, homeless addict to an officer-in-training. My contact with the Army ARC and acceptance of Christ led to a dramatic turn-around in my life. God’s presence and power in this stands as an overwhelming witness to others faced with hopelessness and despair.

Cadet Andrew Griffith
(Stockton ARC)

God has taken a man who was once deplorable and hopeless and transformed him into a man who now lives singing praises to the One who miraculously changed him. I use this message of God’s power to reach and help those who cannot help themselves, letting others know that there is only one way to break addiction: by accepting Jesus as the only answer and Savior. God is not in a box. He is here knocking at the doors of our hearts.

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