Anchorage Recovery Corps Offers ‘Hope’

From its opening in 1992, the New Hope Recovery Corps at the Anchorage Adult Rehabilitation Program (ARP) has grown into a spiritual home and center for worship touching the lives of scores of Alaskans.

The corps initially met at the ARP. When Envoys Eulie and Penny Wise-Owl became the new pastors in 1994, New Hope moved to the Anchorage Citadel Corps. Along with the move came a number of new programs, including an Overcomer’s 12-Step group. In addition, an outreach program designed to reach people in recovery started to bring together many on their way to recovery from traumas including drug and/or alcohol abuse, those incarcerated, those needing follow-up in halfway houses and others with various compulsive behaviors.

Eulie Wise-Owl, with an all-volunteer staff, holds religious recovery programs in institutions throughout the area. On Saturday night and Sunday afternoon, praise and worship services are held.

New Hope also sponsors fellowship groups and holds soldiership and adherent classes, has League of Mercy ministry, leadership groups, men’s retreats, exercise classes, family retreats and provides Christian videos-all of which are designed to stabilize those working on the road to recovery.

Now, 50-60 people worship regularly at the corps’ Sunday meetings. “Many of the people attending are preparing or are now ready to become productive citizens of the Anchorage community,” says Wise-Owl. “They continue to receive moral, family and spiritual support based on the 12-Step Recovery Bible as they attend the meetings of the New Hope Recovery Corps.”

The corps recently celebrated its Second Annual Recovery Sunday. More than 120 were in attendance, and 23 adherents and two soldiers were enrolled. “We’ve come a long way in the past two years,” says Wise-Owl. “The Lord has done a great work.”

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