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Majors John and Betty Jo Randall
recently entered honored retirement. Betty Averett was commissioned as a lieutenant in 1955 from the Soul Winners Session. Her first appointment was to Booth Memorial Hospital in Spokane, Wash.

Major John was commissioned in 1960 from the Great Hearts Session. His first assignment was a two-year appointment at the Huntington Park Corps.

They were introduced at Mt. Crags Camp by her sister, Lucille Youngquist, in 1962. After one date John was reassigned to assist in Juneau, Alaska. A correspondence relationship developed and Betty was assigned to Saxman, Alaska. They were married in 1963 and appointed as corps officers in Ketchikan.

They spent 11 years in corps work, being responsible for new corps buildings in Casper, Wyo., and Stockton, Calif. Corps appointments followed until 1972, when they served at the Seattle ARC as trainees and later served as directors of the Tacoma ARC.

After four years at corps they returned to the ARC, where they have served over 24 years. Three of their 12 ARC appointments were in Seattle.

John and Betty have two children: Michael, who lives in Portland, Ore., with his wife, Julie, and Stephen, who lives in California.

The Randall’s final appointments were as administrator and director of Special Services at the Long Beach ARC.

In retirement John and Betty will live at 28981 W. Worchester Road, Sun City CA 92586-2629

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The following appointments will be effective March 1, 2000: Captains George and

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