woman holding presents with candy cane wrapping paper

10 simple ways you can do good this holiday season

In this season of giving, apply your spirit of generosity to this tangible to-do list of cheerful goodness.

1. Gather a group of friends to volunteer at a kettle for a day. Divide the hours between the group and be sure to deliver hot cocoa to your bell-ringing friends when you’re not on duty.

2. Host a holiday sweater party or a pasta party and ask your guests to bring cold weather items or a bag of pasta and jar of sauce that you can donate.

3. Host a baby shower, complete with a gift registry, for the local family shelter.

4. “Adopt” a college student, single mom or someone who you know could use a boost during the holidays and bake them a treat, offer to babysit, or find a way to meet a tangible need in some other way.

5. Offer to put up your neighbor’s Christmas lights, pick up their Christmas tree or trim their tree.

6. Sign up to deliver holiday meals to homebound individuals or to serve dinner at a community meal.

7. Buy a pumpkin spice latte or holiday drink for the person behind you in the coffee shop line.

8. Visit a senior living facility to spread cheer, spending time with residents and maybe even singing a carol or two.

9. Be a listening ear to a coworker or friend having a stressful holiday season.
Take your kids shopping for toys to contribute to a toy drive.

10. For more ways to help this season, talk to your corps officer or visit for opportunities near you.

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