A message from the Territorial Commander, Commissioner Kenneth G. Hodder: Hello, everyone. Last night, both Los Angeles County and the state of California issued new orders in response to the coronavirus crisis here in our country. One of the exemptions to

  A message from the Adult Rehabilitation Centers Command: Major Dina Graciani: Hi, I'm Major Dina Graciani with The Salvation Army's Adult Rehabilitation Centers, where we service 1,800 women and men across the Western Territory. We're helping them combat their addiction. We're

A message from the Territorial President of Women’s Ministries: Hello, I'm Commissioner Jolene Hodder from The Salvation Army Western Territorial Headquarters. And I am here today in one of our mini Salvation Army kitchens as we prepare food during this health

 A message from the Territorial Commander: Hello, everyone. I'm Commissioner Kenneth Hodder, Territorial Commander for The Salvation Army USA Western Territory. I'm here today with a team from Territorial Headquarters at the Stillman Sawyer Family Service Center in Harbor City, California.